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Just some of the video's I'm in.

These are mostly just goofy video's made by me but I'll also update it with different things I'm featured in!

G4's Attack of the Show

Check out who was given the #1 spot! ;)

12-2-14 Q&A

Here is my video answering your qestions! 

250k Thank you!

Just wanted to say thank you to everyone for helping me reach this milestone!

Maxim Hometown Hottie Video

I wanted to show everyone just how lame I can be! Honestly I was tired of everyone doing something "sexy" so this was me doing my own thing. 

Tribute Video

Thank you again Matteo!

12-27-14 Q&A 

Here is my video answering 10 of your questions submitted on my facebook "fan" page! Thanks for watching!


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