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Good evening love bugs!!

So how have you all been this weekend? Things have been good for me, just on the busy side. Yesterday I had my friends twins first birthday party which was so fun!


Today I spent most of my afternoon at the gym getting a good workout in. I have a very important shoot this Friday so I am trying my best to get in all the workouts I can! Tomorrow I have a hair appointment!! YAY! My roots are showing like crazy, that is definitely the worst thing about having light hair and trying to maintain black hair. It's like a never-ending trip to the salon lol!

So other than that I don't have too much going on. Lots of prepping for shoots this month, which I'm very excited about!

Oh and I wanted to say thank you for all the love on my Thor tshirt post!! I'll definitely post more selfies for you guys since you all like them so much! Do you think it's about time for me to do another Q&A video? I think I might just save the video and post it on here instead of on my facebook page. Hmmm...


Alright I'm gonna get off here, I have like a million clothes to fold and put away before I can actually make my way into my bed! lol.

Good night and sweet dreams!

xoxo Madeline

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