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Hey there loves!

So, last night I had everything ready for me to go to the gym for my cycling class. I filled up my water bottles, got my clothes ready, and my gym bag. I wake up today at 5:45am non-stop coughing. I laid in bed hoping I could go back to sleep at least a little before the 10:00am class started. Of course, I don't have such luck. Despite the fact that I feel like crap I manage to get up and out of the house to make it to my class on time.

I walk into my gym, scan my self in, and start heading down to the cycling room. I got there about 10 mins early and usually half of the bikes are taken up by then but to my luck NOT ONE person was in there! So excited, I grab my favorite bike and start warming up. About 10:10 I realize that nobody is there. I walk back upstairs to the desk to find out the class was cancelled today. I can't even tell you how bummed I was! But determined to get my workout in, I head to my favorite elli