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What a freaking month! I apologize for not updating this like I had intended to but December seems to be the most chaotic month of the year for me. On top of the holidays many of you know I've been sick so that's definitely not been helping me get things done. On the positive note, I am feeling quite a bit better! So here I am to bore you with my recap of the past few weeks. =)

Not a whole lot has been going on for me other than spending time with family and lots of time on my couch feeling like I got hit by a train. My eye's hurt so bad it felt like they were melting off my face lol. I know SUPER attractive! But that's all in the past, I'm mostly better now just stuck with this lingering cough and scratchy throat.

Hope you all are doing well and have enjoyed time with friends and family. I must admit, I'm a little sad I didn't have a white Christmas, but I suppose there is always next year. I saw many places got dumped with the white stuff but we had warmer than normal weather here in Southern Ohio.

Well that's about all that has been going on. I posted two of my newest photos from my last shoot, I hope you guys like them! More coming soon!

Don't forget I just uploaded my latest Q&A video here on my website for easy viewing! Thanks for watching (and reading). Hope you all have a fantastic night and talk to you soon!

xoxo Madeline

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