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Biography and Statistics:


I've been modeling for about 13 years now and have loved every moment of it. I have been fortunate enough to be able to travel and work with some amazing people in the industry. I started out in fashion and slowly moved into bikini and glamour and now I'm exporing the fitness and cosplay sides.


Fashion has always been my passion but I love being able to mold myself to all the different genre's. With fashion and cosplay I feel like I'm able to play a role or a character. I have been having so much fun with cosplay and being able to live out my childhood obsession with comics. 


I have been nationally published numerous times and featured on tons of different websites. I've also done runway, print, tradeshows, and events. 



Height: 5'10


Weight: 128 lbs


Measurements: 36-25-37


Birthday: March 25th


Hair Color: Dark Brown


Eye Color: Mostly Green


Other: My ears are each pierced once and I do not have any tattoos. 

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